Venue and Event Policy

1. Introduction

Six Degrees is committed to providing safe, enjoyable, and inclusive events for our members. This Venue and Event Policy outlines our guidelines for booking, use, and cancellation of venues, as well as expectations for attendee behaviour and safety during events. This policy is designed to help minimise risk and ensure that our events align with our organisation’s values and policies, including our Code of Conduct, Health and Safety Policy, and Accessibility Policy.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all members, employees, volunteers, and any other individuals involved in organising, attending, or participating in events hosted or organised by Six Degrees. It covers both in-person and online events.

3. Venue Booking and Use

When booking and using venues for events, we will:

  • Ensure that the venue meets our accessibility, health and safety, and safeguarding requirements, in compliance with our Accessibility Policy, Health and Safety Policy, and Safeguarding Policy
  • Confirm the booking in writing, including the date, time, location, capacity, and any specific requirements or restrictions
  • Adhere to all venue rules, regulations, and contractual obligations, including noise restrictions, security measures, and fire safety procedures
  • Respect the venue’s property and facilities, leaving them clean and undamaged after use

4. Event Cancellation

In the event that we need to cancel an event, we will:

  • Notify all registered attendees as soon as possible, providing a reason for the cancellation
  • Offer alternative options, such as rescheduling or transferring the registration to another event
  • Refund any fees paid by attendees, if applicable, within a reasonable timeframe

5. Attendee Behaviour and Safety

All attendees are expected to:

  • Adhere to our Code of Conduct, treating others with respect, kindness, and inclusivity
  • Follow any rules or guidelines provided by the venue or event organisers, including health and safety protocols and capacity limits
  • Refrain from engaging in any behaviour that may pose a risk to themselves or others, such as excessive alcohol consumption, aggressive behaviour, or violation of our Safeguarding Policy
  • Report any concerns, incidents, or violations of our policies to a member of our team or a designated event organiser

6. Online Events

For online events, we will:

  • Ensure that our online platforms are accessible and secure, in compliance with our Accessibility Policy and Privacy Policy
  • Provide clear instructions for joining and participating in the event, including any required software, login details, or technical requirements
  • Monitor and moderate online interactions, enforcing our Code of Conduct and addressing any inappropriate behaviour or technical issues
  • Maintain the privacy of attendees by not sharing personal information, such as email addresses or contact details, without consent

7. Review and Monitoring

We will regularly review our Venue and Event Policy to ensure its continued effectiveness and alignment with our organisation’s values and policies. We will monitor event planning, execution, and feedback to identify areas for improvement and take necessary action.

By participating in Six Degrees activities and services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by this Venue and Event Policy.