How to boost your online visibility to get more clients with Rosie Parsons

Six · April 5, 2024

Do you want to attract more and higher-paying clients… but you’re literally hiding from them? During this session, we’ll change that! 

We know that facing your fears and turning on and showing up online holds so many business owners back from all the amazing collaborations and opportunities waiting for them.

So, during this live webinar, you’ll discover the 7 deadly visibility sins that have been costing you money, and you will be supported in getting over your camera anxiety (no matter how nerve-wracking it is🥰). You’ll also be let in on the transformational step-by-step pathway to planning your own personal branding shoots using your phone. That way, you’ll be visible to premium clients without breaking the bank – hoorah! 

By the end of our 1h together you’ll go from ‘camera-shy’ or ‘camera resistant’, to ‘confident and excited about becoming the face of your brand’ 🤩

It doesn’t get better than that!

Event Overview:

During this live and interactive webinar, you’ll discover:

😱 The 7 deadly visibility sins that have been sabotaging your sales and costing you money

😍 Why you can become photogenic (yes! It’s a skill, NOT something you’re either born with or without) 

📸 How to get over your camera anxiety (even if, right now, you’d rather chew your arm off than post new photos)

🙌🏻 The step-by-step pathway to planning, taking and sharing your own high-quality brand photos—without cringing, wasting time or needing fancy equipment (I’m talking about “6 months’ worth of content in one day using your phone”)

In just 60 mins you will learn:

  • How content doesn’t just happen – plan out your content and articulate your message
  • How to get to know your audience – tips and techniques to bring your audience along with you
  • How to prepare yourself, with intent

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