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May The Hormone Health Club Workshop

Magic Magnesium: The hardest working mineral that you may be lacking

Please join us online for a powerful hour on May 28th at 8pm with the incredible Pauline Cox MSc.

Tell me more about The Hormone Health Club!

The Hormone Health Club is a space for women to evaluate, learn and become better equipped and better able to manage and understand their hormones, helping women all over the world lead happier, more joyful lives!

Join today for monthly workshops with our resident expert Pauline Cox MSc, take part in invaluable live Q&As, use the bespoke workbook to chart progress, enjoy replays and benefit from a community of women, just like you, wanting to get a better handle on their hormonal health. Today is the day you say ENOUGH is ENOUGH – I am worthy of equipping myself with knowledge!

The Hormone Health Club At a Glance

Here’s the exclusive benefits included in the Hormone Health Club Subscription:

  • A monthly live session with Pauline Cox MSc covering a vital topic relating to hormone health
  • A bespoke workbook to use during the live session
  • Live Q&As during the live session
  • Accountability pods so you can create even more progress
  • Playback features meaning you can access a library of content at your leisure
  • Access to recorded sessions, and so much more
  • A podcast recommendation
  • ‘Supplement of the month’, chosen by Pauline, with an easy-to-understand explanation of its benefits and how it can positively impact your life
  • Exclusive discounts to selected third parties

What does this mean?

It means that each and every month, you will be able to learn more and more about your body and importantly, the supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes we can make to change the outcome. Go from feeling confused about your body to empowered and thriving all with The Hormone Health Club.

Join today for just £9.99 per month*

*To join, or add The Hormone Health Club to your current membership, click here, we cannot wait to welcome you!

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May 28 2024


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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