Speaker Soiree with Georgie Stewart – Harnessing the power of the cycles to maximise your creative potential

As we transition into Autumn, join illustrator and cyclical living fanatic Georgie Stewart to explore how living in harmony with the seasons can boost our creativity.

Georgie will be discussing how she uses the clues provided by nature in each season to enhance her artistic practice, and how we can apply these lessons to all areas of our lives – relationships, business, exercise, nutrition and self-care.

As well as a deep dive into the seasons, we will be looking at how to harness the powers of our own cycles as women. Understanding patterns in your menstrual cycle can help you to regain control over your life, health and body, as well as increasing creativity and motivation.

Finally, Georgie will describe how she uses the lunar cycle as a framework for intention setting and self-reflection each month. When we observe and live in rhythm with the cycles, we connect with ourselves and nature on a deeper level.


Georgie Stewart is an illustrator artist based in Devon, UK. Her artworks embrace colour-driven textures and vibrant, eye-popping landscapes. Georgie spent the most part of 2022 travelling through Europe in her bright orange camper van Jaffa. Since returning home she has relocated to North Devon, following an inner calling to reside by the sea.  


Sep 27 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm




THE PIG - at Combe
Gittisham Honiton GB

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