November Online Win in a Week with Jen Maynard

Realign your Business Model to enable increased profits &… more time!

Join Jen Maynard AKA Mumboss Strategist and Transformation Coach for this exclusive  2-Part Workshop.
Are you an ambitious woman, looking to create a life where you no longer have to choose between being present & earning the money to enable your version of your ‘Rich Life’? This workshop is for you.

Workshop 1 – 6th November

Workshop 2 – 13th November

Make sure you save both dates in your diary!

We get so busy working ‘in’ our businesses. We can quickly get lost in the weeds when it comes to strategically looking at HOW we can make MORE profit with the existing skills, expertise & assets we already have. These sessions are your thinking space to gain new insights & ideas around HOW you can make MORE money in your business with the value you ALREADY possess, & WITHOUT working more hours. 

This session will revolutionise HOW you design your business model going forward. It will demonstrate HOW to set up your business assets as a profitable & scaleable venture, where your profits are NO LONGER dictated by the number of hours you can work in your business.

During Part 1 we will be looking at:

🤩 HOW to design your own offering ecosystem that includes a mix of more active & passive offerings that enable you to bring in consistent income without always working ‘IN’ your business.

 🤩 Learn HOW to apply sales psychology to your offering ecosystem to ATTRACT, NURTURE & CONVERT your dream clients consistently. 

During Part 2 we will be looking at:

🤩 Realise HOW you can achieve your aspirational revenue in the next 12 months WITH your existing set of skills & experience & WITHOUT any more qualifications or hiring a team! 

🤩 Q&A with the brilliant Jen

A little about the speaker:

Jen is a multifaceted woman whose journey is woven with threads of resilience, passion, and determination. As a devoted mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, she cherishes the roles that enrich her life’s tapestry. With over 12 years of experience alongside her husband, she’s mastered the art of property development and electrician work, breathing new life into homes through renovation. Transitioning seamlessly into the corporate realm, she spent over a decade as a Training Specialist and Coach, igniting growth and potential within countless individuals in the People Development Arena. Yet, amidst her professional success, she found herself adrift in an environment that didn’t align with her essence. Her journey took a poignant turn as she grappled with the pain of infertility, a journey marked by heartache and ultimately, the profound joy of motherhood with her two precious boys. It was during this transformative period that she seized the opportunity to nurture her passion for floral artistry, birthing a thriving wedding business during maternity leave. She emerged as the visionary Founder of The Boho Bride Guide—a sanctuary where bohemian spirits converge, finding inspiration and forging connections with their dream wedding team. Jen is more than a business owner; she’s a community creator at heart.

What is a Win in a Week?:

Are you ready to move forward with your life and career? 

Welcome to Win in a Week, the exclusive offering from Six Degrees, where women come together to learn, grow, and take action. Our Win in a Week sessions are more than just events; they’re a catalyst for positive change. Delivered by expert guest speakers, these sessions are designed to empower you with valuable insights and practical knowledge. 

You get not just 1, but 2 brilliant workshops a week apart with our industry experts.

What to expect:

🚀 Collective Momentum: Join a vibrant community of women on a journey of growth, where your energy fuels the motivation to make a difference.

📚 Interactive Learning: Dive into two engaging online sessions delivered a week apart, with expert guidance and daily prompts that drive action. 

📘 Personalised Workbooks: Enjoy the fun and interactive element of filling in your bespoke workbook as you learn, alongside other women 

🎤 Live Q&A: Get direct access to our phenomenal speakers for answers to your burning questions.

👥 Accountability Partners: Forge valuable connections with like-minded individuals and accelerate your progress with an accountability partner.

🎉 Celebration of Wins: A week later, reconvene to share your victories, troubleshoot challenges, and celebrate your momentum together.

🥳 Our online sessions capture the essence of Six Degrees: friendly, energetic, impactful, and fun. 

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“Wow, that was really special – seeing so many women just like me on screen, all coming together to learn and share was really uplifting and motivating. I love the concept and enjoyed the implementation call and hearing about what other members in the community had managed to achieve in a week, it was so inspiring!” – Kate


Nov 06 2024


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm






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