Bristol evening soiree July with Sarah Jepson

We are thrilled to announce July’s guest speaker – it’s none other than Six Degrees’ founder, Sarah Jepson.

Sarah, an entrepreneur, community builder and domestic abuse survivor, will share her inspiring and thought-provoking story of how she transformed her life from one where she was living in fear to one where she is thriving and now using her life experiences to help empower women. 

She’ll also share how her overarching aim is to create a community where women can help create a positive, empowering ecosystem for women who also want to move past a life of domestic abuse. 

Only recently publicly sharing her personal story for the first time of navigating her way out of a damaging marriage where she and her family experienced domestic abuse, Sarah will share how she uses her past to positively influence and mould her life today. She’ll candidly share the parts of her life she has worked on to bring about this transformation.

She’ll also shine a light on how she has given herself some tough love over the years and has become an expert of calling herself out on her own bull sh*t (but, doing it with a dose of love and kindness along the way!) 

Whilst a tale wrapped in trauma, Sarah’s biggest hope is that attendees will come away feeling inspired and motivated to create the lives they truly deserve and to think beyond their own labels and narrative (or the narrative put upon us by others).

Sarah’s talk is littered with manageable and practical tips on simple ways we can change our lives for the better – from giving booze the heave-ho to turning off all dating apps and concentrating on self-love, she shares the highs and the lows of making a full recovery and how she is now living her version of a happily ever after. 

“I am proof that it is possible to live a happy, fulfilled life after experiencing domestic abuse. I’ve gone from feeling worthy of nothing, to worthy of everything! Whether you can relate to my story of domestic abuse or not, this talk is about holding yourself accountable and creating the changes and momentum needed to elevate and soar.

It’s about the relationship we have with ourselves and how I channelled an unwavering commitment to being the change I wanted to see and how this has created such a seismic shift that my life is totally unrecognisable to the one I had in my early 30s.”

Known for her vulnerable, yet witty, honest and engaging speaking style (expect expletives!), Sarah has a brilliant way of covering some of the most traumatic details she has encountered in her life yet creates a sense of attendees feeling inspired and motivated to make positive changes in their lives. 

“My hope is that rather than feeling sad, you’ll come away feeling inspired to move in the direction of the life you deserve and filled with hope, optimism and verve to create space for the life you deserve to have.”

Here’s what women have said about hearing Sarah’s talk:

“Just WOW – hearing about the various parts of Sarah’s life that she has changed, and how the culmination of those changes has impacted her, was so moving and motivating in equal measure! It really struck a chord with me and as soon as I got home that day, I wrote a list and made changes right away and I am so thankful I got the chance to hear her speak – everything she has done to change her life just made so much sense and I could see how I could take this approach and I am benefitting from adopting the same approach – thank you Sarah!” 

“She has a brilliant way of telling it like it is – no more time to bullshit myself, she gave me the courage and impetus to make the changes I knew deep down I needed to face in order to bring about more happiness and I am so grateful I got to hear her speak. Vulnerable, moving and motivating – if you have the chance to hear her, get yourself there and in the front row!”


Welcome drink on arrival, thanks to drinks sponsor, Salcombe Gin and New London Light

Mingle in Bristol’s swanky members-only club, The Square Club, with likeminded, growth-oriented women whilst listening to our incredible guest speaker.


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Parking: Metered parking is available on Berkeley Square; the West End multi-storey car park is 2 minutes around the corner on Jacob’s Wells Rd.



Jul 25 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm




The Square Club
15 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HB

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